Hello Sunshine!

Don’t you just love Spring weather? I feel nearly instant transformation of my attitude and physical wellbeing when the sun starts to shine. It warms the soul after months of cold, dreary, snowy weather.  While I am fully aware this winter was rather mild, it was still cold.

Last fall, I took on a part time position on a local organic dairy farm, Dutch Acres Farm. It has been a great experience, with steep learning curves, and some moments of terror.  During this time I gained the ability to drive a bobcat. This isn’t usually considered a great feat for the average person.  However, chaos seems to rein when I learn new things.  For example, did you know the pedals on a bobcat operate the implement on the front?  I knew this, yet while backing into the milk parlor to scrape the residue (poo), I somehow managed to use the pedal as an

My favorite calf. Always needing attention.

accelerator.  This only raised the scraper above the door opening.  Before I knew what was happening, the entire contraption toppled forward.  I had effectively managed to land about 2 feet from the concrete, face first.  Terror, I tell you.  I wasn’t hurt, completely startled though.  Might have startled the boss a bit too.

The experiences and adventures in farming are never ending. Whether your grow corn and soy, produce, livestock, or whatever; the adventures never cease.  I love working outside, in the sun and dirt.  I am thankful to be building a career that I love.

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